As reported by a Facebook page Zambian Accurate Information, a woman who had been termed barren for 14 years allegedly gave birth to four healthy babies at once. To make matter worse for the woman, she had her uterus removed eight years ago after she was reportedly diagnosed with multiple fibroid.

As it is common in a typical African marriage without a child, the woman was said to have become object of mockery of the people for her barrenness and also said to be hated by her husband’s relatives. And when it was time for God to prove himself, she was said to have been delivered of two sons and two daughters all at once with the four babies said to be in good health without surgery.

“Most Shocking… She had her uterus removed 8 years ago due to multiple fibroids”.

She has been barren for 14 years, people used to mock her because of this and relatives to her husband hated her to the fullest. But after 14 years..this is what she got..2 boys and 2 girls all healthy ones!.

But what has shocked doctors most is that this same woman had her womb/uterus removed in 2010 due to multiple fibroid. But how she conceived and successfully gave birth to 4 babies without an operation!
This is amazing!



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